GS1 Mauritius has participated virtually in the largest annual GS1 event, the GS1 Global Forum 2024.

19 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024

Having participants from over 111 countries, the forum has extended its reach to every corner of the globe, covering discussions on customer engagement, supply chain transparency and traceability, and regulatory compliance.

GS1 Global Forum 2024

In the GS1 Global Forum 2024, the GS1 community gathered to:


  • Align and drive the GS1 global strategy forward
  • Learn about GS1 standards and services and their implementation
  • Share best practices and new ideas
  • Discuss challenges and solutions
  • Build a strong community of peers and partners

Aligning with the aforementioned objectives, GS1 Mauritius had intervened in two sessions of the Global Forum 2024 namely:

  1. Shaping the future of Customer Service: Inspiring Stories from GS1 Member Organisations
  2. Achievements pertaining to the MEMA (Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa) region.


Both the presentations highlighted the key achievements of GS1 Mauritius in its 30 years of existence through the visionary effort of the MCCI and how it has reshaped the customer experience.


Below are some images from the event: