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Consultancy Services

Business-specific consultative support services

GS1 Standards reduce costs, deliver exceptional efficiency and underpin supply chains in many different industries.

GS1 Standards further help to improve a variety of business processes, from automatic identification to traceability.

Fully leveraging GS1 Standards to optimise your supply chain takes a keen understanding of GS1 Standards and a deep knowledge of industry best practices for applying those standards to specific business processes.  You may encounter technical and / or business challenges within your organisation.

GS1 Mauritius helps you overcome challenges

To overcome these challenges, GS1 Mauritius offers you its technical expertise to address those specific challenges you may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations.

Whether you are in fresh foods, consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, grocery, foodservice, retail or healthcare; consulting with GS1 Mauritius will also create opportunities to increase your knowledge and expertise.

Our Consultancy Services include:

  • A prior meeting with GS1 Mauritius experts to discuss your challenges.
  • Assembling the right team and a prescribed approach to address the challenges.
  • Meetings to define your requirements, analyse business processes, gather information, provide recommendations and any other meeting which may be deemed necessary. 
  • Recommendations to address specific organisational challenges.
  • Provision of a customised training plan for your team, if requested.

Contact Us

  • Complete a request for consultation and tell us the challenges facing your organization
  • Depending on your company’s requirements, GS1 Mauritius will derive a quotation
  • After acceptance of the quote sent to you, your company will be able to secure dates with GS1 Mauritius team


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