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Innovate with the Endless Opportunities of GS1 Barcodes & Standards
Our wide range of services & solutions help you successfully apply GS1 Standards to different processes, including implementing traceability in various sectors and enjoying international visibility without any additional costs.
Be equipped to barcode your products correctly.
Our interactive and practical sessions ensure that you learn how to create your barcode, save your business time and money, and increase your business efficiency.
GS1 Standards have been adopted by sectors other than retail.
GS1 Standards deliver benefits to different industries globally - from healthcare, to foodservice, to apparel, to transport & logistics.
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Find authorised GS1 barcode owners worldwide.
By simply typing a product barcode number into GEPIR,
you can find the owner of that barcode's contact information.
Voice of the Industry
With 25 successful years, GS1 Mauritius has helped various industries
Listen to our members - from MSMEs to multiple sectors - on how GS1 Standards have helped them grow, innovate, increase efficiency whilst gaining international visibility and implementing traceability.
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Silver Jubilee
GS1 Mauritius has come from a long way from serving the Mauritian community since 1994 by offering only GS1 Barcodes. Today, it serves various sectors and offers numerous services and solutions.