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Certificate Remittance Ceremony to beneficiaries of SME Mauritius Ltd's financial scheme

30 August 2018

GS1(MAURITIUS) Ltd in collaboration with SME Mauritius Ltd organised a certificate remittance ceremony on 30 August 2018.

This event is subsequent to a Memorandum of Understanding which was signed in March earlier this year between GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and SME Mauritius Ltd to provide micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) assistance to upgrade their products and facilitate access to new markets with the adoption of GS1 Barcodes.

During the ceremony, 35 MSMEs were remitted two certificates: their GS1 Membership Certificate and their Certificate of Attendance for the training followed.

In his speech, Mr. Guillaume Hugnin, Chairperson of GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD stated that ‘’the GS1 Membership Certificate, not only certifies the GS1 Global Company Prefix allocated to the subscriber, but is also the proof that he is the unique authorised licencee of this Prefix, thus enabling supermarkets and authorities to also identify fraudulent use of GS1 barcodes. Furthermore, during the training, the subscribers have acquired the necessary knowledge to create their barcodes correctly to avoid any possible retailer rejection of their products.’’

The beneficiaries will henceforth enjoy the various benefits of adopting GS1 Standards and GS1 Barcodes namely: innovating their products to better suit the export market, cost reduction through inventory management, identification of not only products, but of assets, pallets, implementation of traceability solutions, thus contributing to prevention of counterfeited products.  Furthermore, the beneficiaries will further gain international visibility through the GS1 GEPIR and GS1 Cloud.

Legend: Hon. Soomilduth Bholah delivering his speech during the event

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