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Our history

Since its creation in 1994, GS1 Mauritius has been helping businesses to refine and streamline their supply chains. Some key dates in our history:

  • 2020

    Dr Yousouf Ismaël is appointed as Director and Chief Executive Officer
    Mrs Namita Jagarnath Hardowar is the new Chairperson
    New directors join GS1 Mauritius 
    Since March 2020, GS1 Mauritius provides its services online due to COVID-19
  • 2019

    GS1 Mauritius celebrates its Silver Jubilee by organising several events

    The Retail Committee revamped

    Brochures and corporate video revamped to showcase all opportunities

    Extension of collaboration with public authorities to also support Rodriguans SMEs

  • 2018

    GS1 Mauritius collaborated with SME Mauritius and SFWF, which provide financial schemes to SMEs to acquire GS1 Barcodes

    GS1 Mauritius joined the GS1 Sub Sahara Committee

    Special Variable Measure reserved for retailers, supermarkets and hypermarkets

  • 2017

    1st Board of Directors constituted for GS1(MAURITIUS) Ltd

    Fee structure reviewed to better cater for MSMEs

    Introduction of Consultancy Services

    Marketing Campaigns extended to Healthcare operators

  • 2016

    Launch of GS1 Mauritius website as per the GS1 Branding

    Introduction of Bespoke training as per client's requirements

    Incorporation of GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD as a separate legal entity on 16th November 2016

  • 2015

    Introduction of a Membership Certificate - the proof that the member is the unique authorised licensee of the barcodes allocated to him

    A second staff of GS1 Mauritius is accredited as Trainer in GS1 Standards by MQA

    Undertake Marketing Campaigns to create awareness on GS1 Barcodes and Endless Opportunities with GS1 Standards

    Assistance to members to assign their Global Location Numbers, as a first step to Traceability

  • 2014

    Creation of a Retail Committee comprising of supermarkets

  • 2013

    Develop close collaboration with supermarkets to ensure efficient adoption of GS1 Standards in the retail supply chain

  • 2012

    GS1 Mauritius has its first Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) Approved Trainer in GS1 Standards, a premier in Mauritius

    Introduction of MQA Approved Training: 'Basic Principles of GS1 and Barcoding', delivered on a monthly basis

  • 2011

    Consolidation of Technical Support by introducing GS1 Mauritius own technical documents

    Due its success in 2009, GS1 Mauritius again collaborates with GS1 South Africa to organise a series of activities comprising of a workshop on 'GS1 Standards and Product Traceability' and on-site visits to companies

  • 2010

    First company in Agricultural sector applying for a Global Company Prefix

    First UPC Code allocated

  • 2009

    GS1 Mauritius organises a series of activities in collaboration with GS1 South Africa, namely a workshop on 'GS1 Standards and Product Traceability' and on-site visits to companies

  • 2006

    Introduction of a smaller fee for companies having an Annual Turnover less than Rs 1M

    First company in Construction sector applies for a Global Company Prefix

  • 2005

    List of all members sent to GEPIR, with quarterly updates up to now

    EAN Mauritius undergoes rebranding to GS1 Mauritius in line with global initiative to reflect one global organisation, one global system and one global standard

    First company in Apparel sector applies for a Global Company Prefix

  • 2004

    Workshop on 'La codification des produits et l’utilisation des standards EAN.UCC' in collaboration with Gencod EAN France

  • 2001

    EAN Mauritius issues Variable Product Code to companies requiring a code for products which vary in weight

  • 1998

    First company in Healthcare sector applies for a Global Company Prefix

  • 1994

    EAN Mauritius was formed

    70 Prefixes were allocated