GS1 Mauritius celebrates its 25th Anniversary by rewarding its members

12 Feb 2019

To kick-start the 25th anniversary year-long celebrations, GS1 Mauritius organised a get-together on 12th February 2019 to reward the first 25 members who settled their annual membership fees in one single payment.

GS1 Mauritius celebrates its 25th Anniversary by rewarding its members
In his welcome speech, Mr. Guillaume Hugnin, President of GS1 Mauritius Board of Directors, invited members present to introduce themselves, mentioning that networking is important.
Furthermore, he reminded members that GS1 Mauritius provides them support to face some of the challenges they face, namely acquiring new markets. In addition, Mr. Barlen Pillay, Director and CEO of GS1 Mauritius reiterated the importance of GS1 standards.

Following the short welcoming notes, members were awarded their gifts. To further celebrate in a friendly environment, a quiz was organised to test the knowledge of GS1 Mauritius and standards with basic questions.  Members replying correctly were rewarded with marketing goodies bearing the 25th anniversary logo, created in limited edition to mark this momentous event. 

The event ended with a get-together where awardees had the opportunity to develop their network to strike further business as well as provide feedback to GS1 Mauritius
team to help them further improve and innovate. 

Some feedback from awardees:

  • Good initiative by GS1 Mauritius to celebrate its 25th anniversary
  • Wonderful and fun idea for the quiz 
  • Such get-togethers should be organised more regularly

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