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Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding

Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding

Since its introduction, our ‘Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding’, has helped hundreds of GS1 Mauritius members understand and implement our standards and solutions.  Furthermore, regular feedback from supermarkets has revealed that the printing and quality of barcodes has improved tremendously contributing to less scanning errors and less waiting time at Point of Sale.

Expected Outcomes

We ensure that you use GS1 Standards in your business to :

  • Get your barcodes right, saving you time and money
  • Avoid any possible retailer rejection of your products, protecting your business
  • Improve your inventory control and  supply chain by using barcodes efficiently

Who can attend?

Our exclusive course attracts:

  • New GS1 members
  • Personnel responsible for barcodes looking for a better understanding of GS1 System
  • Current users of GS1 Standards requiring updates on GS1 Standards
  • Solution providers involved in logistics and quality control
  • Supply chain and commercial stakeholders such as personnel of hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Business operators in various sectors

Certificate of Attendance

Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Training Fees



GS1 Mauritius Members

Rs 1,000 per participant

Non-GS1 Mauritius Members

Rs 1,500 per participant


Training Date: 30/11/2018