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Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Use

We will ask you to furnish us with your personal contact details and information that identifies you and allows us to contact us.  Generally, this information is requested when you wish to contact us with any news, views or requests that you may have regarding our website and the contents therein.  Personal information collected is often limited to your name and telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, country, any may include other information needed to provide a service you requested.


Access to all personal data you provide to us is limited to authorised personnel within GS1 Mauritius only.  The transmission of any information online is not secured by encryption.

Contact Information

GS1 Mauritius welcomes your comments regarding its website.  You may either do so either by e-mail or by writing to us, at the following address:

The Secretary-General

GS1 Mauritius

c/o The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3 Royal Street

Port Louis

T: + 230 208 3301

F: +230 208 0076