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Post event News – 34th Global GS1 Healthcare Conference

21 November 2018

The 34th Global GS1 Healthcare Conference held its three-day event, 30 October – 1 November, in Bangkok, Thailand.  Ulrike Kreysa, Senior Vice President, GS1 Healthcare, welcomed more than 250 participants from 13 ASEAN countries and another 20 countries around the globe.

GS1 President and CEO, Miguel Lopera presented the value of GS1 standards in helping to address healthcare’s ongoing quest to improve patient safety, fight falsified medicines and increase visibility and efficiency in the supply chain.  

He announced the recently released GS1 Healthcare Strategy 2018 – 2022, the development of a new GS1 Application Standard for identification and barcoding of investigational products in clinical trials, and GS1’s expanded support to Africa.

Various themes are elaborated during the event, including hospital transformation using GS1 standards, improving patient care with single-unit identification, pharmaceutical traceability in the healthcare supply chain, implementing value-based healthcare amongst many others.

Read more about the conference presentations.

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