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GS1 Standards enable healthcare’s digital thread

26 September 2018

The digital thread, is a situational depiction representing the application of GS1 standards in healthcare in a simple and powerful way. 

It demonstrates healthcare stakeholders and their interrelationships, communicates graphically how GS1 standards apply in the healthcare today and gives a view of the future in 2022 driven by the activities of the strategy.

The digital thread’s multi-dimensional view encompasses:
1.    Key healthcare stakeholders
2.    Relationships and connections between stakeholders, and to the patient as the ultimate beneficiary
3.    The role of the GS1 standards that can enable these connections
4.    The current status of implementation of GS1 standards
5.    A look in the future, including the anticipated changes to implementation driven by the strategy activities

Access the GS1 Healthcare interactive digital thread.

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